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Our areas of expertise

Our firm has considerable experience and works every day in the field of general civil and commercial law. This practice constitutes the basis of our activity, from which we have developed several specific areas of expertise (intellectual property, protection of personal data and privacy, commercial practices and employment law). We give our clients complete assistance : participation in negotiations, drafting and conclusion of contracts, performance of legal audits and provision of advice, representation in court or alternative means of settling disputes. With a constant concern for quality and in order to offer the most in-depth services, we follow an academic career and develop scientific activities.

Our clients

We place our clients and their projects at the centre of our concerns in order to give them a personalised service, tailor-made and adapted to their needs and resources. We make it a point of honour to always be available, to act quickly and rigorously and to work completely transparently by keeping our clients systematically informed of the progress of their case and the steps that we take. In the event of a dispute, we evaluate the best way of resolving it and only advise going to court if it turns out to be the most appropriate course of action for the case at hand. We guarantee absolute confidentiality and full commitment in the cases entrusted to us.

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